Proposed Gulfa Hospital in Masaka

After treating many patients at our mosques (masajid) or in their home, Gulfa realized that it needs a full equipped medical center (i.e. a hospital) in order to cater to the needs our patients. Many patients require long treatment; but because we don’t have official treatment centers, this limits our abilities in treating many patients.

Our goal, in shaa Allah (if Allah wills) is to acquire and build a medical center, where patients of all color, faith, and gender can come and be treated. We do not discriminate anyone and we don’t refuse anyone because of their medical condition. We can only refuse those where we are sure we don’t have the medical equipment and expertise to treat their condition.

By acquiring a medical center, it will help us in treating all those in need of medical assistance and it will reduce the number of patients that we currently refused because of our limited medical resources at this time.

Welcome to Gulfa Uganda…

Welcome all to Gulfa, located in Uganda, East Africa. We are indeed
new online, but we have been providing our treatments for many years
now. We are hoping to reach out to the online community to learn about
us, get involved, and spread the word as well. Once again, Welcome to
Gulfa Uganda.

Center for Islamic Treatment and Development