About Islamic Treatment

Islamic type of treatment is new to most concerned and relevant Health Personnel, this type of treatment has been used thousands of years ago, By the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Isa, Prophet Musa and other Prophets (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon then all) it was used by most of their followers and Noble, Religious and Righteous People. It was used and Allah cured thousands by this type of treatment, so what were being used are still available, and the one curing (Allah) is there, then why don’t we go on practicing it?

Most of them deny knowledge of this type of treatment saying that it is not experimental, yes, the cause (Devils) are not seen, so how can unseen creatures be fought by scientific tools that can’t see the unseen?

Even some Guardians to the patients doubt about it, they bring them today the next day they don’t appear, be it he is okay or not.

Islamic Treatment deals –first—with the cause, we fight the cause of the disease, ailment, affliction and suffering. That’s why Islamic Treatment easily eliminatestress, trauma and most Psychological problems, above ailments are brought about by Devils (Majinni).

In treating, we first make a fortress or a barrier around us against the accursed Devils and their accomplices and weaken them so that they don’t fight back during the course of treatment, then we recite the holy Quran’s prescribed verses as per the type (Majinni) Devils one is possessed with.

They are many types of Devils (Majinni) around haunting people, very few know them, on our website, insha Allah, we shall try to disclose some of them to you so that you come to know the enemy and how to deal with the enemy decisively.

This isn’t a treatment hypothesis, we are following in the tracks of the Holy Prophets (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all)and their noble followers who practiced this very treatment and triumphed by curing very many dejected and depressed  people who had lost hope.

Using this method, we fight and eliminate the disease completely (in sha Allah) if Allah wishes, because we deal decisively with the cause, as per our treatment slogan, “when the cause of the disease is eradicated, then the disease itself is eradicated ” we treat by fighting the cause (Devils).




Gulfa is using Qur’anic recitation at a close range of a victim(s) and other prescribed treatment from the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah / Duas prescribed and used by the Holy Prophet (saw), his companions, and the best from our scholars (ulaama). Now more than 1430 years, their guidance and treatment up to date are still effective if used properly and how they were prescribed in the Islamic Doctrine. We also use medicines from books written and quoting the Qur’an and Sunnah.

We engage Arabic, Eastern, Western and local herbs that suppress Devils (Majjini) their concentration and diseases caused by the above which cannot be diagnosed by medical and scientific tools, body and blood cleaners, that remove the Devils (Majjini) forcefully from the body, premises, houses and vehicles.

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