About Us

GULFA is a FAITH Based Organization located in Kampala City, Country Uganda, East Africa.

Initiated in September 2010 and registered with Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, the Organization is engaged in fighting deadly and mysterious Diseases that can’t be diagnosed nor treated by Medical and Scientific treatment.

We use Islamic treatment embedded in the holy Quran Practiced 1400 years back, still practiced and still effective, very few People neither know it nor use it.

We treat by reciting the Holy Quran or the prescribed Duwaat a close range to the Patient or Patients.

Our Motto: To engage, Fight, Suppress, Eradicate and or Obliterates Psychiatrics and mysterious Diseases.

Our treatment slogan is; When the cause of the Disease is eradicated then the Disease itself is eradiated.  We deal purely with the cause (Devils)

We deal with Devilish associated Diseases, afflictions, sufferings and ailments that haunt our People within Urban and Rural areas.

By treating, we follow and use Allah’s teachings (embedded in the Holy Quran) The Holy Prophet Muhammad’s teachings (found in his noble Sunnah) Practices and teachings of Islamic Scholars, who followed  the above and left  their experience in their books.

Deadly Diseases we have and are fighting are –among others- Psychiatrics, Mental disorder (Madness) Half wittedness, Nightmarish sufferings, Insomnia, Persistent Ulcers, Diabetic ailments, Maternal death due to failed labor, High Blood Pressure, Witchcraft and other Devilish associated ailments.

From the inception of GULFA, we concentrated thoroughly on Treatment and the Research, we triumphed  by unearthing hidden secrets of the Devils, which tactics they use in suppressing  those trying to treat their Associated Diseases, we came to understand that most persistent diseases are caused by Devils, most Patients we treated are cured or curing.

We went on to confront Deadly and Challenging Diseases; We engaged The NODDING SYNDROME that had challenged Doctors, Researchers and Scientists World over, we applied our treatment on 10 Children For a week, 8 out 10 Children cured. See NODDING SYNDROME on this Web.


MISSION;To introduce  and practice Islamic treatment using methods available in Islamic Doctrine practiced now for more than 1400 years and have been successful time and again, by using such practice, joining hands with the available scientific methods, we can suppress the sufferings of our People with ease.

VISION; To start a treatment project so as to witness that one day deadly diseases become a mere dream.  Work hand in hand with Health Personnel, Government and NGO’s in fighting mysterious Diseases that Science fails to detect, working hand in hand with Community to participate in Health, Economic and Social Development initiatives.

Center for Islamic Treatment and Development