Nodding Disease


Here we’re turning to the sensitive, core, comprehensive, technical and the Heart of this noble industrious endeavor. It is the central part of our hard fighting of the Devils to make our People know and understand our archenemy,  IBLIS, his progeny and accomplices, so as to pave ways and means of fighting together and try to eliminate deadly, mysterious diseases and afflictions they cause.




ALLAH (the) creator, created creatures as per his decision, among many of his creation, are three elevated; Angels, Jinni and Mankind. The three are always together in their activities. Whenever Mankind is referred to, then there is a Scribe Angel and a Companion Devilentrusted to him.  Surat Qaf 23, and 27.

We are starting with one of our research on the disease designed by Jinn and stood elusive and challenging to mankind for a long time The NODDING SYNDROME killing hundreds of innocent children in Acholi Sub region (Uganda).


We have carried out very wide researches on this noble work of engaging and fighting the deadly devils and their atrocities inflicted on innocent Human beings – especially children – and we are still going on with this mountainous Task.

One of our goals scored on this subject matter is fighting the elusive NODDING SYNDROME and trouncing it by researching and discovering the cause of the disease, treating the Patients successfully and coordinate the research activities to the relevant authorities.

NODDING SYNDROME is a prevalent and progressive disease characterized by head nodding, severe incurable wounds, retarded growth, mental growth stuntedness, most Patients are being followed by strange flies, constant epileptic seizures and other peculiar conditions attributed to various trauma prevailed in Acholi Sub Region for a long time.

Many disparaging reports have been seen from various researches, we shall only report on what we discovered on the subject matter, how we carried out test trails, treatments, research and resistance encountered by the opportunists who are  very active in the region.



On 4th February 2012 an entourage of 4 Sheikhs from Gulfa Centre for Islamic Treatment and Development a Faith Based Organization based in Kampala City (Uganda) – Kalerwe, Kawempe Division arrived in Kitgum Town – Acholi sub region – Northern Uganda to carry out Test trials on the prevalent NODDING SYNDROME elusive to all Medications and Scientific researches and trials, comprising of Sheikh Katongole Eriasa as the leader, Sheikh Makangisa Juma, Sheikh Abdul Majid Mugisha  and Mr. Bisase Zakaria Saddam (Spokesman).

Starting with 5 patients, Oroma Geoffrey 15 years, Alimo Nancy 11 years, Aciro Prossy 9 years all from one family, Akworo Village, Kitgum District. Omar Ibrahimu 55 years, and Okeny Ibrahim 89 years. For the first time this was a significant result that brought to light a new theory that NODDING SYNDROME is also rampant within adults.

Sharifa Aromo 13 years from Potuke Village Kitgum District, joined on 5th Feb. 2012 and Zainabu Siama 30 years from Lulojo a suburb of Kitgum town, both were treated on that day and results responded positively to our trials.

Auma Nancy 15 years, Adiyo Scovia 16 years and  Alimo Pamella 13joined us on 6th Feb 2012 and started with the treatment immediately all from Lulojo sub location – Kitgum District. They all responded positively to our Test Trials.

Oroma Geoffrey, Alimo Nancy, Aciro Prossy, Auma Nancy, Adiyo Scovia, all were suffering from the deadly NODDING DISEASE, the detected cause were 2 deadly Jinni Khadimul Hammaamu (the one residing in Toilets and Bathrooms where People urinate) and Jinnul Makaabiri (resident In Cemeteries, graves, deserted buildings and the surrounding trees and shades). We applied Suratu Nuunuwal Qalami ن والقلم and Ayatul Kurusiyyu 121 times by4 Sheikhs =484 times then applied Ruquyatu Maaiyyat (Water anointed with Quran verses.) The Devils were witnessed scampering for dear life. All of them got cured although they kept on coming for the next 2 days.

Alimo Pamella’s case was intense because during the treatment session she kept shouting throughout and when we started applying Ruquyatu maaiyyatu she was climbing the walls like a spider, so we recited 605 ayaatul Kurusiyyu and Suratu Sswaaffaat 7 times, we treated her twice and the third time was in the morning of 8th Feb 2012 and attended the press conference in the afternoon where she gave testimony that the first day of her treatment is when she first understood that she was existing on Earth, her Mother had it to say that when she went back home after her first treatment, she asked her that “who are you” she said “your mother” then “ where have you been all this time?” “here” she reiterated “ then who has been bringing food for me” she said “me” she concluded by saying “I have been seeing a ‘dog’ bringing food for me, and I had to run away”

The Mother said that the girl always ran away when food was brought.

Sharifa Aromo’s cause was Jinnul Makaabiri, Khadimul Hammaamu, Khadimu sihiri and Ashiku, she was nodding seriously had constant Epileptic seizures, she was becoming half witted.

Zainabu Siama’s cause of serious nodding was Jinnul Ashiku (the one raping women and men) whenever she went to her bed she became unconscious and strange thing started raping her daily, it is alleged that sounds of sex action were heard.



Among our findings on the subject matter, are the prevalence of a Jinnul Makaabiri residing in Cemeteries and places that surround the graves and cemeteries.

Signs of its presence;

  1. Constant epileptic seizures
  2. Feeling peculiar coldness that results in the hating bathing
  3. Terrible dizziness and weakness
  4. Terrifying nightmarish dreams such as dreaming dead people, burial ceremony, dreaming people burying “you”, and other terrifying dreams, when you dream black snakes, dogs, cows, cats, that is attributed to witchcraft and ending up falling in deep trenches etc.

When it attacks;

  1. It causes one to become leper
  2. A timorous nodding of the head
  3. Denying a patient food and drinks even when one is hungry and feeling thirsty, When food is brought the patient starts quivering despondently, sometime running away fearfully and may end up falling down unconsciously, that’s why some children fall in rivers, fire and being knocked by a speeding vehicle when caught running away.
  4. The patient sees a terrifying silhouette which forces him to run away fearfully.
  5. Unusual scratching of the body.
  6. It affects the brain.



We applied Suratul Bakara سورة البقرة Suratu Swaaffaat  7 times سورة الصافات SuratulKauthara  7 times سورة الكوثر Ayaatul Qurusiyyuh 121 times  اية الكرسي and Ruquyatu Maaiyat  رقية مائية



Another Jinn detected is KHADIMUL HAMMAAMU resident in Toilets and Water closets where people urinate, This is the most common among the patients encountered during our treatment expeditions even at our Head Quarters in Kampala, our Branch in Masaka and other parts where we conduct our “mobile” treatment Expeditions.

Signs of its presence

  1. The possessed person hates vehemently, bathing and clean things, When time comes for bathing, one feels very cold and dodges bathing.
  2. The patient goes to the Toilets regularly. – that creature resides naturally in Toilets and enjoys sniffing and smelling the “unpleasant smell” prevalent within the Toilets, that’s why it makes one feeling the need of relieving oneself from natural need, when one squats in the Toilets, just passes out air and comes out without doing anything, but it has quenched its augur.
  3. Some possessed people dose, sleep and even snort when is squatting in the Toilets.
  4. The possessed person likes dirty things and sits in dirty places but hates bathing.
  5. Enjoys entering Toilets in dark without light.
  6. Flies swarm him, bite and cause persistent and uncurable wounds. Whenever one goes, is escorted by swarms of “tiny” flies.
  7. Feels constant and severe backache and pain along the shoulders.
  8. Hates hearing the recitation of the Quran and Athan.
  9. Exaggerated yawning and loss of bodily strength.

When it attacks;

  1. A possessed person becomes half witted
  2. It causes untreatable fever and other persistent ailments
  3. To be fearful all the time and have habitual sleeplessness (insomnia)
  4. Unwarranted loss of appetite and weight
  5. Unusual trembling of the body, from mouth to legs
  6. When it sits in the stomach, it causes constant and  elusive abdomen pain
  7. Some of them when food is brought, start playing with it and start shaking timorously ending up falling unconsciously with saliva coming out of the mouth, hates vehemently hearing the recitation of the Quran and Athan. This character when being treated, cries profusely and gives a stiff fight because of being treated by recitation of the Quran


We applied Suratul Bakara,  سورة البقرة  SuratulQalami7 times سورة القلم   Suratul Haakumu Takaathuru 7 times سورة التكاثر Suratu Zilzal 7 times  سورة زلزل Ruquyatu Maaiyyati (Water anointed with Quran Verses)  رقية المائية We did this daily on all the patients.

All those treated responded positively on our test trials, whenever we recited, Devils fled out of the bodies hanging limp speaking Luo language, they were witnessed by straightening the arms and legs of the patients forcefully. That’s how those creatures run out of the body scampering for dear life.


Another Jinn encountered during our Trial Tests is Khadimu sihiri used by (Witch Doctors and Sooth Sayers) to carry Witch craft to the targeted Person or location.

We encountered also Ashiku and JinnulI tidaau among Adults. We used the above dosage because we were on the front-line with the devils. Only that we had to intensify the use Ruquyatu Maaiyyat.


Most patients confess that the disease has been haunting them for more than 2 years, trials were carried out for 4 days only, yielded positive results, the process requires concentration and constant redress of the problem for a period of approximately one year in order to remove the magnitude of the concentration of the Jinn from an affected person.

When the Jinn invade the Human body they come in hundreds, thousands and millions , they even produce within the human body, they multiply rapidly.

The treatment of Jinn is done by recitation of the Quran at a close range with the patient, application of water Anointed  with Quran (Verses and Chapters) Ruquyatu Maaiyyat and the Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) Hadith, Dua and his prescribed remedies.



On 8th Feb 2012 we convened a Press conference where 8/10 cured Patients gave testimonies on how they experienced our tough Test Trials and how they were enjoying new life after getting cured.

The Press Conference was conducted by Sheikh Katongole Eriasa and attended by the treatment team Sheikh Juma Makangisa, Sheikh Abudul Majidu Mugisha and Mr. Zakariya Bisase Saddam.

Among other Participants; New Vision representative, Radio Pol FM, Monitor Publications, other media house representatives, Parents of our cured Patients and other invited parties.



TREATMENT STARTS – 18th March 2013

After accomplishment of the Test Trials, we went back to Kampala from Kitgum Town on                    9th Feb 2012. We submitted our report to the office of the Permanent Secretary ministry of Health.

There was no any response from the ministry until 30th July 2012 when we entered the conference uninvited, on 1st August 2012 our spokesman Zakariya Bisase Saddam (spokesman) testified in the Conference bringing light to the world new theory on the treatment and our success so far registered.

Officials of the ministry of Health were touched by our testimony, we submitted our proposal dated 17th September 2012 on how we were proposing to handle the treatment expedition in future.

The Director General Health Services reacted by replying with the letter dated 13th November 2012 appreciating our contribution to the fight against NODDING SYNDROME and our presence in the International Scientific conference on the NODDING SYNDROME.

NODDING SYNDROME is a Devil associated disease, the affected children are being haunted by Jinn, that is why treating it with scientific means is always non and void, that’s why when we understood the cause, it was very easy for us because when “the cause of the disease is eradicated, then the disease itself is eradicated” for us we deal decisively with the cause the Jinn (Devils)

Official nomenclature is NODDING SYNDROME and local nomenclature is LUSI LUSI.

We arrived in Kitgum Town on 18th March 2013 and started treating after a week. We treat by reciting the Quran at a close range from the patients;

Sheikh Juma Makangisa at work


Reciting Suratul Bakara, when the Jinn in the body hear the recitation of the Quran, they start moving out because it affects and burns them.

The work goes on unabated.

Sheikh recites at Aromo Sharifa, Kidega Waccwha and Evelyn Aneno. Took place at Lulojo Mosque 1km from Kitgum Town.


Sheikh Juma Makangisa goes on with the treatment.

By the time Shaban Opio was brought to our attention, he had taken 2 years without talking, when he was attacked he became dumb, it was Sihiru, and the Jinn found on opio were dumb Jinnul Makaabiru and Khadimul Hammaamu, They were in hundreds, we chased many inshaAllah, He didn’t get cured completely because the relatives failed to bring him daily as they stay in Acholi Bur some miles away from Kitgum Town. We pray to Allah to cure him completely.

Opio goes on with Ruquyatu Maaiyyat Treatment



After treatment, our patients are served with a meal before they are released to go home.


Our patients enjoy their meal after the days serious treatment, normally when a lot of Quran is applied on a possessed person, one has to eat and drink a lot, because it is very heavy against the Jinn resident in the body, so when they are disturbed, they start moving within the body causing dizziness and uneasiness.

So that’s why we had to treat them and again provide them with meals. Here Gaddafi (our Acholi language interpreter), Ocam Patrick, Kidega Waccwa, Ukasha Kawooya, Ismail and Abudul Swamad enjoy

Sorghum (a staple food here) and rice. We pray Allah to reward us abundantly for our service on these poor neglected children.


Sheikh Makangisa serves meal (sorghum and rice) to our patients; Aromo Sharifa, Aneno Evelyn and Lukiya Laker after undergoing the days treatment.

Service goes on steadily

These children eat a lot, by the time we came back in march, some had received from the Government  food supplements and eat well, but others were not eating well, the moment they start our treatment, they eat like Lions.

These 2 patients Aromo Sharifa and Aneno  Evelyn were some of the patients we found in this region to be one of the worst hit, For Aromo, she started having serious epileptic seizures from 2003. She could fall down twice daily, and the horrible Nodding syndrome, she was half witted, she could not eat well, by this time she eats a lot more than 4 times a day.

For Aneno she was suffering from the deadly Nodding Syndrome, serious epileptic seizures and the Killer AIDS. She could not eat well and used fall down n more than thrice daily.

By this time, the Nodding Syndrome and Epilepsy have gone except AIDS, she can eat well, she moves from Lulojo to Kitgum more than twice, before, she could not move 100 metres without sitting. We thank Allah.




After undergoing a vigorous treatment, children have started playing.


These 2 boys are Kidega Waccwa and Ukasha Kawooya, it is good they have started playing around. By the time they were brought, they could not play, for Kidega Waccwa – right – he could not stand foe 5 minutes, he was nodding timorously, he had epileptic seizures every after 2 days, he had no appetite for food, now he has gained steadily, we thank Allah for our victory.

And for Ukasha Kawooya, He was suffering from the terrible peculiar ailment, we emphasize the application of Ruquyatu Maaiyyat and gained steadily.



Also Patrick Ocam [left] is back to life, by the time he was brought he fall down in the evening and regain consciousness the next morning, we emphasized the use of [Hiriku] 7 Suratu Swaffaat, 7 Suratu Ra’adi, 7 Suratu Kaafu, 7 Suratu Jinni and extensive use of Ruquyatu Maaiyyat, he is okay now and we thank Allah.






Sheikh Katongole Eriasa with the treating team (Raaku) Gaddafi and the patients after one day of treatment.

Sheikh Fahad Kalungi prepares the meal for us all

(Baaraka Allah fiihi)




Cured patients

Test Trials carried out in February 2012, 8 out 10 patients got cured up to now, Oroma Geoffery, Alimo Nancy, and Aciro Prossy all from Akworo village Kitgum District. They are all back to school.

Omar Ibrahim, Zainabu Siama, Auma Nancy, Adiyo Scovia and Alimo Pamella all from Lulojo Sub location Kitgum District also were cured.

We thank  Allah for that.

2nd Treatment expedition from 18th March 2013 to 16th April 2013, those cured are Aromo Sharifa, Muhammad Okwong, Farida Acan, KidegaWaccwa all from Lulojo, Kitgum District.

Acayo Pauline, AumaConsy, Ajok Stella, Oyera Nancy, AyaaConsy, Abalo Peace, Laker Vicky, Ocam Patrick, Denis all from Okidi Parish, Kitgum District.

UkashaKawoya, Madinah – Imaam’s Niece from Lulojo.


Those who didn’t get cured:

OpioShaban, FahadTagole, KemisaShaban, Laker Jennifer, Toma Muhammad, Lukiya Laker.

They were too inconsistent in their treatment.



GULFA centre for Islamic treatment and Development is a Voluntary Faith Based Organization operating on non profit basis. When we first we came out to treat the culprits, we were denied authority by the local Nodding Syndrome relevant authority. We had to seek authority from other wise. When we triumphed we convened a press conference where the patient gave testimonies, the radios announced that we had got the cure.

We approached the concerned authorities but all turned a blind eye on the initiative, the most hated thing among the Nodding Syndrome Kitgum task force team, is to hear that the cure to the disease is at hand, one of them told me that don’t do it here go to other District.

We are calling out good hearted people to join us and help those needy poor children in Acholi sub region because whatever we have used in the treatment expedition is ours, is there no any good hearted people or Organisation  who can come and join hands with us and go and save those innocent epidemic hit children?


After recitation, we apply Ruquyatu Maaiyyat (water anointed with Quran Verses)which forces Jinn out of the body.


Sheikh Katongole pours Ruquyatu Maaiyyat on Shaban Opio after finishing his turn of Quran recitation at Lulojo Mosque (Masjid)

Center for Islamic Treatment and Development