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After watching with dismay how our people are suffering from unknown Diseases that fail science and medical treatment and diagnosis, we decided to resign from our work and start a treatment project using methods embedded in Islamic doctrine. We treat them free of charge.

GULFA started on a very low profile, with 3 Sheikhs, viz,SheikhKatongoleEriasa, Sheikh MuzamiruAbbaasiKawooya, andSheikh Ismail KabugoMasengerethe later ceded after a very short time.

We started treatment with one lady who was bewitched and was suffering from a very peculiar disease, the whole body system was not working, she was only controlled by devils, whenever time came for sleeping, she could only stand up stretching her arms sideways until dawn, she could eat anything abnormally, her skin had been removed from the bones, a terrifying sillhoute always attacked her and rapped her almost daily.

We started treating her by applying FAKKU SIHIRU for a full month without any change, it attacked her almost killing her,the Devil thought that wehad failed with it, so we applied HIRIKU (SuratuSwaaffaatu) seven times (Fi Jalsatwaahidat) during one sitting, we had planned to recite it for seven consecutive days, but it worked on the first recitation, the Devi perished with its 150 escorts. We thank Allah. She was possessed by a Jinni calledTWAYAARU (Flying devils) and KHADIMUL HAMMAAMU(Residing in Toilets and Bathrooms) Their leader was TWAYAARI.

Our second expedition was on a mad man who was feared by everybody around Kalerwe Location and its surbubs.

We set a team comprising  of 7 strong men and seized him from the streets, took him to the Mosque, applied RUQYA (Treating using the holy Quran) 300AyaatulQursiyyu from 11pm – 5am in the morning, the Devils left the body hanging limp and he got cured instantly.

He was being disturbed  byJinni called IFRIITU and KHADIMUL HAMMAAMU.

What was done on the second patient was an eye catcher to the people, they trusted the treatment and started bringing patients for our attention.

We embarked on ‘seizing ’mad people and treating them – after getting consent from relevant authorities – so we cleansed our area of all mad and half witted people.

We were joined by Sheikh JumaMakangisa, Sheikh Bashir Balikowa, FatumaZaidi.&FahadKalungi.

After completing a full year of treatment, Patients were coming in hundreds, by Dec 2011, we had treated more than 300 adults and 180 infants.

Our treatment is free of charge.

We were joined by Sheikh Abdul WaduduGyaviiraandSheikh SharifuKiggundu.

By Dec 2013 we had treated more than 1000 patients, at least more than 800 are cured or curing.We thank Allah for that!

Later, we were joined by Sheikh SirajeJumaKalyangowho started treating people in Masaka Town 81 miles west of Kampala City.

He was joined By Sheikh Rashid    in Masaka  Town who also went on with the treatment together with Sheikh SirajeJumaKalyango.

Center for Islamic Treatment and Development