Project Goals

Project Goals; to engage, Fight, Suppress, Eradicate and or Obliterate mysterious sufferings and Diseases that surpass Hospitals, Scientific treatment and tests.

OBJECTIVE 1: Introduce Islamic treatment and its values, secrets to the mass to promote moral values amongst the People.
(Islamic treatment awareness)

1.1 Introductory Seminars
1.2 Media (For sensitization)
1.3 Islamic family Planning awareness
1.4 Mass awareness on the dangers of practicing Sorcery, Witchcraft & illegal Sex
1.5 Training new Sheikhs to broaden the treatment exercise

OBJECTIVE 2; Strengthen systems for effective and sustainable delivery of quality sanitation and Development
(Service delivery)

1.1 Sensitizing seminar on poverty alleviation awareness
1.2 Constructing wells for the community and Dams for animals
1.3 Targeting Orphans, Widows, Vulnerable and needy.
1.4 Research
1.5 Monitoring and Evaluation
1.6 Mobilizing and availing Funds for the revolving Loan Exercise.

Center for Islamic Treatment and Development