Gulfa, apart from treatment, is engaged in research on deadly diseases, sufferings, afflictions that surpasses medical and scientific treatment.

Our mission therefore: is targeting the Devils (the Jinn) that are rampant and yet many researchers are ignorant of and are unaware of their presence, activities, and involvement in several activities resulting in devastating diseases that end in claiming many lives of our beloved ones.



We started treatment hand in hand with Research. Our Research is based on books and physical attention during treatment.

Here below, we are describing to you some types of JINNIs we encountered – so far – during our treatment expeditions and exercises, their religions, where they reside and appearance.

In the near future, we shall expose their awful activities, how they invade and enter the body, how they disorganize the body system, how they affect and harm it, the reason why they invade it, the prevention and how to treat and to flash them out of the body insha Allah.

A book known as Manihaji l Quraniyyi li iraaji sihiriwal Massi Swaitan written by Sheikh Usaama    Muhammad  Al Awuliyyu described to us various types of Devils (Majinni) Allah enabled him, some of them we encountered among many are; (KHADIMUL HAMMAAM) resident in toilets and bathrooms where people urinate. (AASHIKU) that rape women and men. (TWAYYAARU) flying Devils. (GAWWAASWI) resident in Oceans, Seas, Lakes, Rivers, Ponds, Swimming Pools And by the banks of Lakes.

(QARIINU) that grow and stay with everybody. (KHADIMUL MAKAABIRI) Resident within Graves, Cemeteries, Deserted isolated big houses, and big trees surrounding the above.

(AAMIRUL BAITI) Staying and residing in Human homes. (ATTWIFILU MINAL JINNI) They are infants among Jinnis. (JINNI TABADDULU) That can change themselves into various shapes.

(KHADIMU SSIHIRU) This type is being used by Witch Doctors to carry witch craft to the targeted destinations and carrying out bewitching exercises.





These creatures likewise, have religions and love their Religionsdevotedly, Their Religions differ as the case with Peoples Religions. Among them are AL YAAHUUDIYYU,  ANNASWALAANIYYU, AL MUSLIM, AL MAJUUSIYYU, AL KAAFIRU etc. Below are some of their Religions;

We shall discuss (insha Allah) about each type above and below in details.

AL YAAHUUDU (This is the Religion of Musa’s followers).  This type of Jinni are rampant, their staying in the body portends evil, they are calamitous and source of distress. They behave like and similar to AL YAAHUUDU.

ANNASWILAANIYYA (This type follow derive from Christianity).  They also rampant, they cause havoc, regret and stress, they enjoy very much Christian behavior like music, clapping, etc.

AL MUSLIM (This type follows Islam).  They are categorized in two categories; AL MUSLIM SUNNIYYI and GAYIRU SUNNIYYI. The first follow Islamic teachings and the later don’t. They seldom enter Human bodies except by means of witchcraft.

AL MAJUUSIYYU (This type worship fire).  It is one of the deadliest type among these creatures and few within Rural areas, it burns things with impunity  – if Allah Wishes – we shall discuss its calamities  in details insha Allah.

AL KAAFIRU (This type consists of Pagans).  They are very many among us (in Urban and Rural areas) they confess that they are IBLISS’s offspring. They are marauding and portend evil. We shall have it in detail if Allah wishes.

ASSUUFIYYU (consists of the Religion of Suufi).  They are rampant among us, they are calamitous and injurious. It may cause body Deformity.









  • MANKIND ; Most  Jinni that expose themselves in a shape of a person in dreams are mostly JINNI AL  AASHIKU emerging with an intention of falling in love or to quench its sexual augur, that’s why it approaches a woman disguised as her husband to avoid scaring her. Sometime it disguises itself as her Father or Brother and surprisingly it can disguise itself as a woman so as to – stealthily – reach her with no resistance, they start conversing she comes to understand that it is not a woman, and surprisingly, what prevail between loving couples become prevalent to that woman. Sometime the Jinni enters the body by means of her mischief against it to punish by beating or other means as retaliation means, when it emerges disguised as a mendicant priest, is a symbol that it is Nasswaaraniyyu and came by witchcraft.
  • LION ; This appearance symbolizes a very huge, big, monstrous and deadly JINNI known as RUTIBATU which is mischievous, marauding and outrageous. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to seek refuge to Allah from this accursed Devil. He had it to say “ALLAHUMMA INNI AUZHU BIKA MIN ASADI WA USUUDI” means Oh! Allah Verily I seek refuge to you from the Lion and Lions.
  • A SNAKE; a peculiar, strange snake symbolizes KHADIMU SIHIRU when it emerges black, when it is crawling on the ground then is a symbol of the common JINNI. When it has wings it symbolizes KHADIMUL HAMMAAMU in the category of TWAYYAARU.
  • A BIG MONKEY ; also this type is in the category of KHADIMU SIHIRU but in a very odd type, although huge, monstrous and mischievous, it is very weak and coward, with that when the treating Sheikh comes to know it – by speaking using the tongue of the possessed – he forces it out of the body by enlightening and preaching it about the torments of the day of reckoning, how creatures will be brought to stand before Allah to testify, Du’a (supplication) Zzikiri, the above affects this type more than Quran recitation.
  • A SMALL MONKEY; This type mostly are Aamirul Baiti that appears in a semblance of a small Monkey with a blue patch around its face, they are mostly not mischievous their grade in their society is (Middle class) but when living within deserted terrifying houses, forts or piers then it is graded in IFRITI.
  • A DOG; When it appears in a black Dogs appearance, that’s a symbol – in most cases – of a Jinni known as KHADIMU SIHIRU YAAHUUDIYYU (that assists  Witch Doctors in witch craft) When the Dog emerges  Brown or Yellow, that shows that it is ANNASWAALA but among KHADIMUL HAMMAAMU, and the dream means that you might have crushed or stepped on it with your feet along the Road or during your leisure time, when it is following in the dream shows that it has not entered the body but still seeking revenge, when it harms you,  shows that it has already entered the body and whatever harm it inflicts is retaliation.
  • A LEOPARD; Shows that this type of Jinni is calamitous and mischievous but can easily be trounced during the fight after sensing danger during Quran recitation, but comes back for the Leopards characters are hypocritical.
  • REPTILES; Common JInnis on several occasions appear in Small Dog shapes and earthly Reptiles, they are very weak in war confrontations, that’s why they easily speak on People tongue for they are cowards
  • FISH AND WATER CREATURES;  Seeing these in a dream shows that the Jinni seen is among those residents in water or GAWWAASWI. And in accordance to how it inflicted its harm or how it behaves is how we can categorize its grade.
  • A HORSE; when a possessed person sees in a dream a Horse, shows that the Jinni intrusion of the body was not by means of witchcraft, but by other means that entice Jinni to enter human bodies, in most cases, a Horse is categorized in middle class rank among Jinni community. That type is hard hearted huge bodied.
  •  A WOLF; When a possessed person in a dream sees a Wolf, symbolizes that a Jinni prevalent in the body is a mischievous, calamitous Jinni, but a weak hearted Jinni , when the treating Sheikh comes to know that it is the type present, when it emerges and speaks using the tongue of the possessed, the best way to easily trounce it is by ordering it to go to the head from where to torture it and force it out of the body by crashing it from behind, for; it came from a high class among Jinni.

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