Uganda as a Country which accommodates GULFA, has been ravaged by Psychiatrics, Deadly and Mysterious diseases, Wars, poverty and ignorance.

We came out to try to eradicate the above by sensitizing the People, help the needy, Widows, and other voluntary exercises.

We have achieved a tremendous goal by at least treating several people who had given up their lives and lost hope, we have chased marauding Devils from Homes of people, their Schools, Shops, Offices, Factories,  Boats, Vehicles and from their bodies. We thank Allah.

We are and have been treating them freely, normally people suffering from devil associated diseases most of them understand their real disease after visiting many Hospitals in vain, they undergo various diagnosis but in vain whereas are charged for it, by the time they come to us, they are penniless, that’s why we don’t charge them.

We invade their homes chase away marauding Devils who invade and occupy the houses from where they operate their awful activities. After flashing them out, then the cure is imminent.

Some Patients come from as far as 6 to 7 miles for treatment, they may come footing or can afford single fare, without  lunch,  the treatment is a tough one, so we have to come in where we can and assist by paying what is possible for us.

Some people fear those Patients especially with mental disturbances, they bring them and “dump” them to us, then disappear for some days, until they feel that the patient is okay, so we have to meet their expenses.

We use much water for RUQYATU MAAIYYAT (water anointed with the Holy Quran) used during the course of treatment, We also have to foot the bills.

Center for Islamic Treatment and Development